Recently, Calvary Net Radio went offline due to a significant technical issue beyond our control. The decision was then made to pursue another route to restore the station. While considering our options it became clear that we were to move in another direction, and as a result, Calvary Net Radio will no longer be broadcasting from this point on.

You can still listen to all your favorite programs, as many of them have podcasts available. You'll find links to their websites below.

We truly thank you for listening to Calvary Net Radio and hope that you have been encouraged, strengthened, and blessed, by it.


 Here are some solid Bible Teaching Programs and some other great programs that are Friends of Cross Reference Radio:


The Word For Today
Pastor Chuck Smith

According To The Scriptures
Pastor Damian Kyle

The Balanced Word
Pastor David Rolph

Bridging The Gap
Pastor Lloyd Pulley

Chapter by Chapter
Pastor Sandy Adams

Enduring Word
Pastor David Guzik

Growing Through Grace
Pastor Jack Abeelen

Pastor Ken Graves

Hope For Today    
Pastor David Hocking

On the Level
Pastor Pancho Juarez

Practical Christian Living
Pastor Robert Furrow

Real Radio  
Pastor Jack Hibbs

Refuge Radio 
Pastor Bill Welsh

Somebody Loves You
Pastor Raul Ries

Sound Doctrine 
Pastor Jeff Johnson

Sound Truth
Pastor Malcolm Wild

Straight from the Heart    
Pastor Joe Focht

A Sure Foundation
Pastor David Rosales

Terry Clark & Friends
Terry Clark

Thru the Bible
Pastor J Vernon McGee

Time in the Word
Pastor Troy Warner

Walk in the Light  
Pastor Bil Gallatin

Understanding the Times Radio
Jan Markell

Pacific Garden Mission